Oklahoma State Recruitment

I just got home from my first Recruitment Visit as a National Consultant and all I have to say is WOW. What an incredible two weeks it was at the Tau Beta chapter at Oklahoma State University. I am absolutely in love with my job! Each day I would wake up, even more grateful than the day before to get to do what I do.Throughout my time at OSU, the gals and I worked hard to have the best recruitment Tau Beta could have, but along the way, I developed some incredible new friendships that I know I will cherish forever.

The reason why I love my job so much is because of the relationships. Within days of my visit, I felt apart of their chapter and at home at the Chi Omega House. I loved listening about these women and their lives. I mean, Chi Omega women are world-changers y’all. Some of these gals had taken gap years to Ghana to love on women who had been affected by sex trafficking, while others were interning with the NFL in New York City. Learning about their lives in and out of Chi O inspired me to dream bigger. I loved the late night life chats and getting to impart my oh so wise 3-month-out-of-college advice onto them. Hey, it’s something right? Long story short, what makes this job is the people, and the people at Tau Beta rocked my world.

Chi Omega women love others well. Over the past two weeks the Tau Beta gals loved me, cared for me, encouraged me, and lifted me up more than I could have ever imagined. Going into my first visit, I had no idea what to expect. I was clueless and a little scared. As my short plane ride landed from DFW to Oklahoma City, I felt a surge of nerves come over me as I awaited my ride from the airport. From the moment I met the recruitment chair’s mom though, I knew God’s hand was perfectly in and through it all. This sense of peace just washed over me, and I knew I wasn’t alone.

It was intimidating walking into a completely new place not knowing anyone and not having anyone with me telling me what to do or not to do. Often I just had to go with my gut and hope that my mentors picked up the phone when I called! The love I felt from these ladies though made those fears disappear and left me more confident in what I am doing than I’ve ever felt before.

My close friends will know this about me, but for some reason I have always LOVED the state of Oklahoma. The people are just wonderful there, and I adore how family-centered it is. Therefore, I would do this post a disservice if I did not share with y’all some more great reasons why I love Oklahoma so much. I loved learning these new facts from the ladies at Oklahoma State.

Lessons from Oklahoma State:

1) FFA is a BIG deal–like I’m talking a huge deal. For those of you who don’t know like I didn’t, FFA stands for Future Farmers of America, and it is an organization that many amazing students in the state of Oklahoma are involved in. And it is a big deal. For example, being a State Officer means giving speeches to groups of 12,000 people! These ladies are not just stellar farmers, but they are some of the most eloquent speakers I’ve heard.
2) Aspen Coffee has dang good coffee. Shout out to my gal Dana for introducing me to the iced coffee with chai. Oh I totally wouldn’t hate having an Aspen in Fort Worth.

3) My Chi O gals are passionate about what they do. Whatever that thing is for them, they go all out. One passion that struck me as interesting while I was there was their love of beef. We have some ladies who are beef ambassadors and it gets me jazzed hearing about them talk about what they love. They love teaching others about beef, and I loved learning about it! My personal favorite is my friend Zadie who had a license tag that just said, “BEEF.” Yum.

4) Miami, Oklahoma is pronounced Miama. Why? I don’t know.

5) The original Hideaway Pizza in Stillwater is better than the others across Oklahoma.

6) OSU has a beautiful campus.

Ultimately, the biggest lesson I learned at OSU was how far a little encouragement could go. My friend Kristy said it best when she told me that their members love to love. And I saw that embodied so fully throughout my time with Tau Beta. These girls encouraged me and each other so beautifully throughout the stress of recruitment. Whether it was getting me food when I had no car or surprising me with a letter or just coming in my room to want to learn about my life, these girls cared for me crazy well.


Another neat way I saw God move was how strategically he placed some of these gals in my life. Whether it was a mutual friend or a mutual love for something, there were many connections that I made almost immediately. Friendships are no accident, people! I believe they are beautifully crafted so that we can be inspired by those around us. And my new friends at Tau Beta have inspired me to love others big.

Coming into this job, I had little to no idea what to expect, and I was very unsure. But I felt a huge tug in my gut that this was where I was exactly supposed to be, so I said yes to the opportunity. Now, I cannot imagine anything that could be a better fit for where I am in life right now. When you say yes to what God is tugging on you to do, the fruit it produces in your life will be ten-fold. And the fruit that has come from me saying yes to being a consultant and traveling the little that I have so far has been so vital to my growth as an individual, a friend, a mentor, a sister, and an employee. Dang, I am grateful. Thanks Tau Beta, for the greatest first visit I could have imagined.

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