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Goodness gracious I just got home from my first Annual Visit as a National Consultant. And as an update, I am still obsessed with my job.

When we NC’s go on annual visits, we visit either two or three schools in one trip. We go in and work with the women in those chapters to help them improve to become the strongest chapter they can be. I love the idea of going into a place where I know no one and leaving them feeling empowered to lead their gals well. 

I started my journey at the University of Arkansas Little Rock in Little Rock. Then I ventured over to Jonesboro and visited the lovely ladies at Arkansas State. And finally I traveled over to Fayetteville to visit our founding chapter at the University of Arkansas. All three of these visits taught me something different, yet I saw similarities everywhere I went. I absolutely love what I get to do. 

I am so crazy inspired by the women I get to work with on a daily basis. I love getting to be 100% myself in my job. I love how I can go into a place where I know no one and feel right at home because of our shared connection through Chi Omega. I love how these women will open up to me about what’s really going on in their lives, in and out of Chi O. I love being able to go into a place for five days and leave it with five best friends. I love being able to fearlessly love these women.

My trip to Arkansas revealed to me a few more things that I love…

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1) I love being reminded of what a treasure Chi O is by interacting with new members. New members have this Chi Omega intrigue in them, where they are learning more and more about what we stand for each week. They are eager to serve and volunteer. Nothing excites them more than being able to share Chi O and talk about Chi O and how much they love it with another human. I had some incredible interactions with new members on my travels, such as Lexi and Levi from UALR. These two gals took me on a tour of their campus and were so excited to tell me everything they were learning. I love freshmen. Whatever happened to having the big dreams we all had when we first started college? I am grateful for sweet gals like them who share with me their big dreams and big love. New members remind me of what a gift Chi Omega is and how important it is to treasure it.

img_3300 2) I love really doing life with the gals I am visiting. I want to know them not only in the roles they serve in Chi Omega, but in all of their life! What do they do for fun? How else do they serve on campus? Who do they spend time with? All the things! My girl Nikki from Arkansas State kicked my booty in her cycling class last Friday, and my girl Mattie took me to her fave local coffee shop one night. Thanks for letting me into your lives y’all.

3) Now speaking of coffee…Arkansas has got some greatttttt coffee spots. And I love coffee. Shadrachs is one of those drive-thru coffee stands you find in random parking lots that img_3376serves unique lattes and drinks. I had Shadrachs at least twice a day when I was in Jonesboro, they are way too conveniently located. Now don’t even get my started on Fayetteville. It is coooool y’all. Onyx, Pavilion, Prelude, Alchemy, Little Bread Co., Arsegas, I could go on and on about all the incredible little spots to sip on a latte and enjoy some scrumptious eats. Shout out to Psi chapter for fitting in a full tour of Fayetteville food during my five-day visit.

4) I love being goofy and real with my girls. It takes way more work to go into a place and pretend like I am a perfect, professional woman who has it all together than to be myself and to let myself be known by them. I full heartedly believe my work is more effective when these gals get to see the real me. The me who loves Chi Omega and how we develop women to be the best version of themselves. The me who is silly and loves concerts and coffee. The me who struggles some days with being tired and missing her Fort Worth crew. The me who is learning as much as they are each time I sit down with them. I love sharing all of me with them.

5) I also love the Chi Omega Greek Theatre!! It is so much bigger in person y’all. So big. 3,000 people big. Shout out to my girl Lindsay Puckett for dealing with my fan-girling photoshoot. I didn’t know how to react so I just did this.


6) I love how God does some pretty crazy things and surprises me with His provision on my trips. This week he brought an old friend back into my life and gave us sweet time to talk about how He has been moving inimg_3373 our lives. I first met Mattie two years ago at a worship service at her church. Mattie’s older sister, Rachael, is one of my sweetest friends and mentors at TCU. I am so thankful God used my job to bring Mattie and I together again. The wisdom that Mattie has gained through her experiences and relationships led me to rejoice in how good He is to love us unconditionally like He does.

7) Finally, I love the way these gals love me well on the road. One afternoon I walked into my friend Kimber’s room at Arkansas and noticed a book on her bed. It was called You are a Badass: How to stop doubting your greatness and start living an awesome life. Immediately, I said, “That book is awesome. Oh my goodness I need to read that!” Two days later, another friend, Lizzy, came into my work space and laid her copy of the book in front of me and said, “Here! I’m done with mine! You can take it home with you and borrow it.” Remember, I don’t live in the same state as them. Here is a gal sharing her book with me, trusting me with it, empowering me to become a better human because of the words inside of it. Thanks for loving me well, Lizzy. And I want to end this blog today by leaving you with some words from this book that have really resonated with me. My prayer is that all my gals I get to meet with know this truth and feel this way. In a world full of comparison, I hope that we all let ourselves be broken at times and be at peace with where we are at.

At the end of the day, it’s not about them, it’s about you believing you’re worthy of being loved and seen for who you really are.

Thanks Chi O, for giving us all a space to be real and to be loved.

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