University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Got home from my first visit of the semester the other day, and man it felt so good being back in my element. My element meaning a totally new place where I don’t know anyone. Funny how the unknown has become “my element” now. Oh well, I will contemplate on that at a later point in time.

I hadn’t been to North Carolina since I was a kid, so I was excited to explore this area once again. Chapel Hill is absolutely beautiful. I knew this before I went because everyone and their mom told me oh it’s absolutely lovely, you’ll love it, and indeed, I did.


The old trees with their branches hanging low, the historical buildings, and the cute little shops and restaurants lining the street. How could you not fall in love? And, fun fact, UNC is the first public university in America! The gals told me that Georgia likes to say it was first…but UNC had the first university building, so I think they win.

I loved being able to explore this campus. One of the seniors, Jojo, took me on a tour on the most perfect day you could have asked for. Not only do the buildings have historical character, but the nature was breath-taking. They essentially have a botanical garden on this campus. Unreal.


Another treat I also appreciated was getting to go to a Tarheel basketball game! Being from Texas, basketball honestly is not a big deal, so being in an area of the country where it IS a big deal made this experience extra special for me. It was so cool seeing the Dean Dome filled with students and guests alike. The students were jimg_4283umping up and down and
chanting the whole game. The energy in this place felt like I was at a TCU football game-just electric. You can tell this city loves its team. And they won! I also had the opportunity to really get to know this wonderful advisor, Emily, which I was super thankful for.

These girls knew how to treat a consultant right when it came to eating out. Not only did the Chi Omega house have incredible meals (I arrived right in time for Make Your Own Pizza Day ((or MYOP as they call it)) but the restaurants in Chapel Hill were wonderful. They had everything from cute, quaint sandwich shops to unique, classy dining. I loved the meals I got to share with the gals. We had some incredible conversations about what Chi Omega has meant to them and how the different relationships they’ve shared have shaped who they are becoming.

I was most blown away by the hard work of the leaders in this chapter. These girls are brand new to their executive board positions, and they are driven and motivated to see positive change occur. They are not afraid to do a thankless job, and are willing to sacrifice themselves for the betterment of others.

I love it when I come away from a trip and can look back and see what I learned. This trip reminded me that I love what I do, and I love witnessing these women working hard to serve others. It really is encouraging and pushes me on to do the same in my own life. Thanks, UNC.


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