OU & Oklahoma State

A few weeks ago, I had the honor of returning to two of my chapters I visited in the Fall: Oklahoma State and the University of Oklahoma. What a gift it was getting to visit these gals again that I already got to know in the fall. It felt like coming home all over again.

To be honest though, this last trip started rough for me. Coming off Louisiana I was sick the week I was home between my two adventures, so it was not very restful. I was so worried that I wasn’t going to be able to give my girls my 100% on my trips because I wasn’t feeling well. But here’s the thing, if there’s one thing I’ve learned thus far in 2017 it is to admit when I am not 100%–physically, emotionally, or spiritually. And that’s just a part of being a human. So I told my girls straight up-hey, I’m sick right now, so if I’m snotting all over the place and acting a little different, just forgive me. And they did, and they were so great, and so understanding. I am grateful for friends who will share the realities of imperfection with each other. We will not be 100% all the time, and I want to be known for being able to own that rather than deny and pretend to be perfect when I’m not.

Be grateful for all you are and all that you’re becoming. 

Oklahoma State

Arriving back at OSU was the best feeling. In August, I lived in the Chi O house with our girls for two weeks during recruitment, so I got to know nearly every girl in the chapter. So, when I arrived last week, I walked into the dining hall, started eating lunch, and picked right back up where I had left off. It did not feel like eight months had passed since I’d last been there. I loved being greeted with, “Tranky Trank is back!!” and other happy feels of being back in a place so familiar to me.


These OSU gals are some of the most dedicated, caring, hard-working women I’ve ever met. They strive to be the best in each aspect of their lives: family, school, clubs, leadership, all of it. We had some awesome conversations about how being so high-achieving is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they are accomplishing amazing things, but when they are stretched so thin, it is hard to prioritize taking care of themselves. We talked about debunking the myth that we have to be perfect all the time in all we do, and we discussed how to inspire the rest of the members to believe the same. We want to cultivate a culture of comfort so that we can be our best, real selves in all we do. I am so stinking proud of these girls. They are world-changers.

IMG_4578Another moment that was precious to me was time spent with my girl Dana. Dana and I connected right off the bat when I came to OSU in August, and we have stayed close ever since. We got to share ice cream one night and just real talk about what has been going on in our lives. Neither one of us have had the easiest years thus far, so it was such a gift to connect with her and pour into each other. It was a moment where I was able to see the suffering and trials in my life for good–to see how God was preparing me and teaching me so I could then teach Dana. It was a time of encouragement and reassurance, and it was beautiful. My entire time at OSU left me feeling encouraged and reassured as to why I do what I do–these relationships are so precious to me and I won’t be surprised if I am at OSU again just to love on my humans there. Thank y’all for always loving me so well.


My week at OU was such a special one, because I got to share it with my best friend/role model/mentor/director Lacey. We rarely get to travel with co-workers with my job, so this was a real treat that we were getting to do this visit together. I am just so blessed that my job gives me these remarkable women to do life and work with.

These leaders at OU care deeply about their women and the betterment of Chi Omega. I was so encouraged by their genuine desire to see their gals reach their fullest potential and how they wanted to do whatever they could in order to help Chi Omega be this source of growth and inspiration for their members. Lacey, the leaders, and I worked hard this week to uncover how we could make this experience in Chi Omega the best for their members. I am so proud of them for wanting the very best and for being willing to work hard to reach that best.

This visit had moments for me when I was not feeling the most confident in myself for a few reasons. Again, this idea of not being 100% was permeating my visit. And it was okay to admit that. Lacey is such a great friend and reminded me that sometimes we have off days and we have all felt this way before in one way or another. God kept reminding me to lean on Him in each moment, every day, because ultimately, He is the provider of my strength and confidence and ability to do my job well.

I shared some incredible conversations over meals at OU, talking about how we all want to keep growing. I deliriously laughed with my girl Lacey over and over again. I felt so loved and cared for by Mom Martha and the advisors. I got to see an old friend from TCU and her precious poodle. I was able to share breakfast with my little’s boyfriend who embodies for me what loving and pursuing a woman in a godly manner looks like. As always, my relationships are what give me life, and I’m so grateful I was able to cultivate my precious relationships at OU this week.


Boomer Sooner, Go Pokes, but, most importantly, Go Frogs.

Thanks, Oklahoma, for the best of times and the best of friends.

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