Dear Gamma Mu,

On Sunday, November 12, 2017, the Gamma Mu Chapter of the Chi Omega Fraternity was installed at Coastal Carolina University, making it the 181st chapter of Chi Omega. That date will easily stick out as one of the best days of my life. I am filled with purpose knowing that I got to play a role in establishing this chapter and preparing these girls for all that is ahead of them. Serving as a Resident National Leadership Consultant has been the most humbling season of my life. I have grown more than I ever thought imaginable. I have so many thoughts for all my newly initiated Sisters whom I have so much love for, I figured I would write them here, hoping that others may gain something from it too.

To my newly initiated Sisters of Gamma Mu,

You are at the beginning of a beautiful journey. A journey that Chi Omega will take you on for the rest of your lives. A journey filled with new possibilities and new relationships that will take you farther than you ever thought imaginable.

As you all grow on this journey together, you will begin to see in yourselves strengths and skills that you never saw before. You’ll continue to develop confidence that you can do beyond what you ever thought you were capable of. You’ll continue to grow into the respectful, caring, fearless women I’ve gotten to know this fall. My hope is that you always feel accepted and supported in Chi Omega. That you feel safe and at home in Gamma Mu. And that you know that you are loved for exactly who you are.

I want y’all to know that with the right combination of belief, strength, faith, and support, you can do beyond what you ever dreamed you could. I honestly never thought I could do this job, I thought it was too big of an assignment to undertake and that I wouldn’t make it till the end. But I took a risk and said yes, because Chi Omega believed in me and they keep believing in me every day. My Sisters in Chi Omega give me the support I need to keep moving forward, and that has led me to this life-changing experience-giving you all the gift of Chi Omega.

Never doubt yourself. You are here for a reason. You have a beautiful purpose in Chi Omega that is just now beginning to unfold. You have so much ahead of you. You have changed my life, each and every one of you. You have reminded me and shown me that I am stronger than I think. You have shown me the value of a smile and a good hug. You have shown me the power in love and care and how just because you only know someone for a short period of time doesn’t mean that they can’t leave a lasting impact on your life.

It has been the greatest honor walking alongside you all as you start our Gamma Mu chapter. You’ve given me the strength to believe that I can do whatever comes next in my life. That I can step out of my comfort zone again, and, when I do, Chi Omega will be there for me. I can’t even think about the day that I leave you all because I will cry like a baby, but you can rest confidently knowing that whether we are near or far from each other, we will always have Chi Omega. And you all will always be in my life. I want you to always know that a huge part of your purpose in Chi Omega was making me a better person. You’ve all changed my life for the better, and I never want you to forget that.

I love y’all from the bottom of my heart and truly cannot wait to see where Chi Omega takes you.

With love,




1 thought on “Dear Gamma Mu,

  1. Meredith Trank, you are a gem!!!!!!


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