or Tranks-giving as I like to refer to this holiday at my house hehe.

This morning I woke up to my daily text from Shine…cue plug for Shine below


Shine is an awesome, encouraging, thought-provoking resource that sends you a text every weekday with a quote and an article to start your day off strong. I am obsessed. If you want to sign-up to receive these messages for free, check out this link: www.shinetext.com/?r=rXBro7b

Anyway, so with my message from this morning, Shine quoted,

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.

In this world where we feel like our needs are insatiable and that we never have enough, I loved waking up to this perspective on gratitude today.

By being thankful for the gifts we have, not only today but every day, our perspective on our lives and what we have or do not have changes. We realize that we truly can be content with what we have, and we can strive to find peace in the midst of any circumstance we find ourselves in. We don’t have to allow our situations to regulate our satisfaction. We very well may still be disappointed or heartbroken at times, but we can still seek to find a point of gratitude in the hard seasons. We realize that we are enough and that we have enough when we shift our point of view.

This idea of enough  has resonated with me a lot the past few months as I walk with my girls at Coastal Carolina through their Chi Omega experience. My biggest point of pride in them is seeing their confidence in themselves grow and for them all to feel accepted in Chi O for exactly who they are. I fully believe that not only are we enough, but also, what we have is enough for today, because I hope in a God who I know will provide my every need. And by being thankful for all that we have, and by pushing ourselves to be thankful even when we don’t want to be, we maintain a more consistent state of joy that will carry us through the heartbreak and change.

I hope that in whatever situation you find yourself in today, that you are able to pause and reflect on all that you’ve been given this year. I hope that you feel as though you have enough, exactly where you’re at. Most importantly, I hope that you know that you ARE enough, in all your messiness or your family’s messiness or small-ness or big-ness, you are always enough because there is always something to be grateful for.


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