I believe we should all write more letters. Hand-written letters. In a world inundated with technology and texting where yes, you can save moments of encouragement and love with a screenshot, having something hand-written is even more precious than it was before. And let’s be real…I’m way more likely to lose a screenshot on my phone because my iCloud hasn’t backed up for 331 days than I am to lose a letter.

Last year, I’ve received a lot of letters. Some long, some short. Some funny, some serious. Some expected, some surprising. But all of these letters served a purpose in my life. These hand-written letters of love encouraged me and helped sustain my belief.

Throughout my time in South Carolina, when I felt farthest from my familiar friends and family, I had a collection of letters they all wrote me before my journey began. These letters were written for many different occasions throughout the semester like for when…

I felt stressed or overwhelmed
I was doubting myself
I was missing my friends and family

And then, the coolest thing happened. By the end of my time in South Carolina, not only did I have this box of letters from my familiar friends and family, but my new friends and family at Coastal Carolina gifted me with a collection of letters from them, too. And these words that these precious people have written me are worth more than any item I could have received. They are a beautiful expression of love.

When I’m doubting myself, these letters are filled with words I can read from people I trust and love to remind me how strong I am. Not only that, but they remind me of the impact I’ve been blessed to make on their lives thus far in their journey.

How humbling is it to know that we all play a part in another’s journey, no matter how big or small that may be.

These letters were a source of stability when I felt shaken. They always came at the perfect time. And no matter who it came from, it always made a difference in how I felt. I’d read at least one letter a night before falling asleep, and by doing so, I always fell asleep knowing that there is purpose in my presence.

We ALL can and should make more time to tell those in our lives what they mean to us. Too often I assume they already know. These letters got me through some of my most trying times in 2017, and I know they will continue to carry me through the years to come. Always believe and know that your words DO make a difference in the lives of others. Thank you, to everyone, who has taken time to write me and make me feel more encouraged and reassured than they know.

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