About a month ago, I moved to Memphis, Tennessee. Moving during the holiday season was nothing short of complete chaos, but once I finally came back from time with the family, the city began to feel like home.

I never realized until now how much simply having furniture and decor makes a space feel more like a home. Praise God there is an Ikea in Memphis, because I don’t know how I’d be living without it. I can navigate that store like champ now, and if you ever need guidance on how to find the short cuts, just hit me up. Also, pro-tip on moving, make sure you have incredible friends who will help you build said furniture and hang curtains.

I really just wanted to write this post to gush about Memphis, TN. Once my apartment started coming together, I gave myself more time to explore the city and discover what it has to offer. I will preface this with saying I still have a LOT to see.

First off, I didn’t know it got this cold in Memphis…it has been snowing for the past five days! I live in a city where it snows…and I’m pumped about it. I’ve had such a blast just enjoying the warm inside and the chilly outside, discovering how to navigate this weather.

It’s been fun checking out new coffee shops and restaurants and finding my new spots. Shout out to Cyclebar for quickly becoming my work-out JAM. Moving somewhere new can feel overwhelming at first when you have no idea how to get anywhere, but I’ve learned to just be patient with myself and let it happen. That’s how you stumble into the really neat places anyway.

This past weekend was MLK Jr. weekend, and until moving here, I didn’t realize I lived blocks away from the Lorraine Motel, where King was shot 50 years ago and where the National Civil Rights Museum stands today. I visited the museum for the first time this weekend and it was incredibly powerful and educational. I am so thankful I live in the heart of history and have opportunities like this to continue to learn about the Civil Rights Movement.

Even just last night, my boyfriend and I were walking to get my first soul burger (an experience ALL friends to Memphis must enjoy) from the Grizzlies game and we walked past the “I Am A Man” mural, which honors the men who wore those signs in the Memphis sanitation strike of 1968. It is surreal living on the same streets where such significant impact took place.

Discovering a new city and experiencing all it has to offer is an exciting opportunity. What has really made Memphis so amazing though are the people I get to share it with. I did a lot of moving last year, and I learned quickly that it’s the PEOPLE who make a PLACE. Having so many incredible friends in this city to share life with has made for a smooth transition and a great start to 2018. I’m just really stinkin thankful right now.

I listened to a podcast yesterday that spoke about the myth of scarcity we tend to live in. Like how the first thing we think in the morning is, “I didn’t get enough sleep,” then it’s “I don’t have enough to wear” or “I don’t have enough time.” We never seem to have enough, and in reality, we never will. Moving to Memphis has shown me the importance of living from a state of gratitude for what I DO have.

I hope wherever you find yourself today, you can live from a perspective of abundance and find the good and the gratitude in where you live and who you’re with.



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