Each day is unpredictable. We may have plans or think we know what is going to go down, but truly, we are not in the driver’s seat of this thing we call life. Recently, God has shaken up a lot of my agendas in order to teach me something so powerful – why it’s important to surrender my days to Him.

You never know what could happen in a day or what God might have in store for us. A few weekends ago, I was planning on going to Wisconsin to visit my friends Divya and Maddy. I arrived in Chicago after a 5:30 am departure from Memphis to discover that my flight to Wisconsin was delayed 3-4 hours. So at that point…I called my girl Div up, suggested she just come drive and pick me up from the airport, and we ending up spending the day in Chicago and driving to Madison that night!

When I woke up that morning, I definitely didn’t expect to spend my day exploring Chicago. But God had different, better blessings in store that day. Say yes. Be open-handed.

If we are not open and willing to say Y E S to the adventures God has in store for us, we may miss out on some of the biggest blessings He wants to give us.

I’ve learned recently how important it is to begin each morning with a posture of surrender and open-handedness with what the day could bring. This week, I’ve been in Boone, NC where they have seen the worst snow they’ve had all year. I definitely wasn’t expecting that! But, God blessed me with the gift of time with the snow and allowed me to find more rest than I thought I might. Say yes. Be open-handed.

God will always surprise you with what He brings your way. You will always be confronted with the unplanned and the unexpected. All of this is because you don’t rule your own life and you don’t write your own story. And the One who does rule and write doesn’t tell you everything about your life and His plan. No, He tells you the things you need to know to live as you were designed to live, and then He graces you with His presence and His power.

Rest is truly found when we entrust our days to the One writing our stories, open-minded and expecting the unexpected. All we need is His presence and His power, which He freely equips us with to handle whatever comes our way.

Whether it’s a delayed flight or a snow storm, I’ve learned to let go of my expectations and let Him direct my days. With a positive outlook and confident faith that God will provide, every day has the potential to bring unexpected joys into our lives if we would only surrender control.




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