Recently, I’ve been using this spray called “reset mist” on my linens before I fall asleep at night. It smelled so good that I also started spraying it perfume style and would walk through puffs of “reset mist” before I headed out the door for the day. Each day, I found myself reaching for the reset mist more frequently, not only to give me an aroma of freshness, but to give me a refresh for my mind, too.

Throughout the day, I find that this idea of reset is something I need quite often…

Stuck in traffic on the way home? Take a moment and reset.

Have a big presentation in the next hour? Take a moment and reset.

About to fall asleep? Take a moment and reset.

This idea of resetting has resonated with me so much recently. There are so many obstacles and trials we face in a day that can throw us off track. We wake up in the morning with good intentions of being mindful and present throughout the day, praying for a grateful heart toward all we do, and then BOOM, that phone call comes, or BOOM we see that picture on Instagram, or BOOM we read the headlines.

Oh how easy it is for our hopeful mindset of the day to be thrown off course by straight up life that happens.

I’ve begun to see these roadblocks that come our way as little nudges from God to look up at him. To think, Ok, God, you’re really testing me here, or I’m feeling anxious/unsure again…and then…we reset!

I don’t always have my reset mist handy on me, and, of course, it’s simply a physical representation of the resetting that happens in my mind. As I reset, I take a few long, deep breaths. I roll my shoulders back and stand tall. And I look up and pray.

I pray for the strength to move forward, the faith to trust that God’s sovereignty is over every situation and location, and the peace to know that my best is always enough. 

Consider how you might reset throughout the day when you find yourself falling off your intended course. Your reset ritual might look different than mine, but the act of acknowledging where we are at and being mindful of how we are feeling is the first step in moving toward positive change in our lives. We don’t know what is in store in any day, but our Father does, and He is faithful to provide everything we need to not only endure, but joyfully live through this life. Just take a deep breath, my friend, you got this.


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