**Disclaimer: I wrote this post on Monday, October 1 and am posting it on October 3. Here you go, people, that’s life.**

Ah October 1. I feel like there has been more hype surrounding this day than usual. Maybe it’s because I now follow a bunch of personal development folk on social media. Maybe it’s because October 1 also happened to land on a Monday this year, so everything feels really fresh. Maybe it’s just because I’m feeling hyped about this day. Whatever it is,  everyone is wiggin out about how today marks 90 days until 2019. And that IS something to wig out about — how are we here already?? How is 2019 already so soon? Crazy.

So with 90 days till 2019, I’ve been encouraged to make some personal goals by my inner self and others. I always overwhelm myself when I’m making goals – anyone else? I overthink and overcommit and come up with some extravagant goal that is super unattainable. Or I can’t settle on one, so I try and commit to five goals I’m all going to finish by the end of this month or something crazy like that. Yeah, good luck with that, Mere.

So this time, in this goal-setting state of mind, I want to do something different. What I need right now is different than what I’ve needed in the past. I’m listening to my heart and to my soul and to God. And right now, I need to give myself permission to make small goals.

I’ve overwhelmed myself with emotion these past few months and honestly, I need to just calm down. What I think will be hardest for me but also help me the most will be practicing solitude and presence. Like my try-hard goal-making self, I want the big, flashy goals, but really, I think heading into 2019, I need more simple. My aim for these last three months will be:

Strive for simple

So here it is, my big goal declaration for my last 90 days:

  1. Pray every day and every night
  2. Spend 30 minutes in solitude every day
  3. Cycle four times a week
  4. Eat out less, cook more
  5. Love others well

I need to break it down into small, attainable bits. And through my daily prayer, I am confident more goals will continue to be revealed to me. I’ll be praying my heart is in alignment with what God wants for my life. I’ll be praying that he reveals to me what I should be striving after. But I know it’s got to start on my knees, surrendering my goals to him.

The other day I was at lunch with a friend and he asked me what my phone case said. Well, it actually says “keep life simple,” to which I responded, “OMG I am SO bad at that.” And it’s true. I’m looking forward to this time of practicing solitude and prayer so that I can, indeed, aim to keep things more simple.

All this to say, I encourage you to take time to consider how you could grow and what goals you could set as we finish out 2019 strong. But don’t overwhelm yourself – even the smallest goals can make the biggest difference. Sometimes, all we need is a little belief in ourselves to know we can do it. And guess what…I believe in you.

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