My 2019, so far, has been filled with sorority recruitment and sunshine. I’ve spent the past seventeen days in beautiful Miami working with our Chi Omega women at the University of Miami on all things recruitment with the greatest team by my side. After spending so much time with these ladies, and recovering from a nasty cold, I am excited to reflect and share the two biggest things I’ve learned through this experience and these new friendships.

Authentic confidence is the best gift we can give.

One of the most precious and important gifts we can give one another is the gift of authentic confidence. We all need the daily reminder and assurance that who we are is enough. I feel so blessed that I get to work for a community of women that provides a safe space for us all to feel loved by just being ourselves, and that Chi O is a place where you don’t have to perform or conform to be seen and loved. 

Sorority recruitment can be tough. There’s this temptation to feel like you have to be a certain way to be liked by the people you are hoping to impress. The reality is, coming as you are is the best thing you can do. I could not be more proud of the women I worked with for showing up with authentic confidence each day and in turn, inspiring me to do the same.

We all deserve to have the confidence in knowing that our authentic self is enough. No one can be more you than you, as the saying goes. It was such a joy teaching these women how to share their authentic experiences in Chi O with others who haven’t experienced it yet, and helping them better articulate the life-changing effect a sisterhood like this has had on their lives. I am beyond proud.

It’s okay to lean on others and pass the baton.

We had a big team on this Miami trip because there was a lot to accomplish! More than ever, because of this team, I learned not only the importance, but necessity, of leaning on others when we need help. I could not have done any of this alone, and my team was the most amazing, understanding, adaptable, selfless group of women I could have asked for. It really is true that we are so much harder on ourselves than anyone else is. The moment someone needed help, I was so quick to give it, but the moment I needed help, I would refuse giving it to myself. How silly is that! As one of my mentors said, sometimes life is like a relay race and at times, you have to pass on the baton to someone else.

I’d rather share the success of finishing the race with the help of others any day over never seeing the finish line by trying to do it all on my own. 

So, 2019 has been humbling and inspiring thus far. It’s reminded me that who I am is always enough. That it’s important to take care of yourself and not feel shame in expressing what you need. To breathe deeply and often. And laugh, a lot.

A huge thanks to my team, for loving me and supporting me endlessly throughout these past few weeks. And a massive thanks to the women of our Upsilon Delta Chapter, for showing me the gift of authentic confidence and the life-changing impact of an inclusive, loving sisterhood.

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