I have just got to tell y’all – I had a CycleBar Germantown-filled weekend and it has uplifted my soul and inspired me like no other. The energy these people bring into my life is unlike any other. They are constantly building each other up and physically cheering each other on. And I mean like screaming, cheering you on. If you walk in and are having kind of an off-day, they will immediately boost your spirits and genuinely want to know how you are. There is no time to waste not loving and boosting others up in that space.

These friends I also call my teammates make me better every day. There is zero doubt about that. They make me want to smile more and love bigger and not take a single moment of this life for granted.

I also started a new job today at Downtown Nutrition in downtown Memphis, which, if you live or work in downtown Memphis you should totally check out!!! But the people there, too, make me smile and laugh so big already. It’s such a joy getting to know new people and welcome them in, and we already have so much fun while we work.

All these people make me feel so loved and are passionate about loving others. 

The point I really want to drive home today as I’m just writing imperfectly wanting to get my rambling thoughts of gratitude out into the world is that


That’s it. People do make a place, so find the right people to surround yourself with who will make you feel loved and inspire you to love others. I’m beyond grateful I have these people in my life, and I pray for you to find yours, too.

You are a combination of the five people that you hang out with most. Choose wisely.

~Rachel Hollis


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