Oh happiness. What a stinkin hot topic these days. It seems like everyone has their own recipe and solution for how to find happiness. Everyone is searching for it and is desperate for an answer. While we all might recognize that our happiness can only be defined on our terms, that answer doesn’t seem sufficient. Like, yeah, I get it, only I can control my happiness, but what if life still just sucks? Girl (or guy reading this), I feel that.

I feel like I was searching for happiness for a long, dang while. And those who know me may be shocked to hear that, and if you only followed me on social media, you’d be even more shocked to hear that! Because who we portray ourselves to be online is never the whole story. Happiness seems to be one of the most elusive feelings out there – like as soon as we have a hold of it, it can slip away so fast.

Well, all I really want to share today is that I’m happy. Like really happy 🙂 << see precious emoji here. And we don’t have to feel shame for how we are feeling – good or bad. I’m trying to keep rejoicing and savoring these days as I experience genuine happiness, but, I will say, it doesn’t come easily and it does creep away fast.

No matter what season you find yourself in – one of natural happiness or one of mundane routine or one of suffering, I want to encourage you with some ways I’ve maintained more consistent happiness in my daily life. Again, these aren’t anything fancy or proven true 100% of the time, but as I’ve noticed my behavior and thoughts shift, so have my feelings.

So, what are some ways I have found happiness?

saying yes to new things

practicing gratitude every day

accepting my feelings, good or bad

turning notifications off my phone

caring less about what others think of me

awakening my soul to the present moment

breathing deeply with more awareness & more often

speaking honestly to myself & others about what I need

placing confidence in God’s strength, not my own abilities

I just want you to know it’s okay to not be happy all the time. Happiness is a feeling, and feelings are fleeting. Accept the moments when you aren’t feeling so hot, and maybe, by stepping into that acceptance and the present moment itself, you’ll find yourself happier than when you began.

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