Dear Tuesday,

Monday was tough. The week didn’t start out quite as I’d planned. Things have not gone perfectly and I’ve messed up. But, as I wake up to see you this morning, I will not wake up defeated.

I will not let the circumstances of today define my worth. I will fight the temptation to be grumpy in the mundane with gratitude for this day. No matter how seemingly normal or insignificant this day might seem.

I will create meaning out of this normal day by focusing on the people and places right in front of me. My purpose will come from serving and loving them, not on some idea of a “perfect” week.

I don’t have to be perfect to show up and try. These words aren’t perfect, but I have a passion to write so I am going to keep showing up and keep trying. The small steps in the normal days are what add up to the big + great down the road.

So Tuesday, thank you, for being imperfectly normal.

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