Monday morning has hit me like a ton of bricks as the realization this is my last week in Memphis sinks in. This time next week I will be in a new city, new home, with all new people in my life and there are just so many things to wrap up here.

It was a rainy morning, making it hard to wake up from the start. I find myself having to change my rhythms this week and be productive & proactive in ways I’m not used to. There are new challenges coming my way.

This morning, I felt paralyzed by all on my mind – from the fears of moving to the to-dos of today. Not able to be productive, I then became really frustrated with my lack of focus, which only makes things worse.

I think I’m just writing all this to say that some Mondays we may feel on top of the world, and others we might feel like we are drowning and confused. I feel like the biggest #hotmessexpress today but deep down I know I’m not alone in it. I know I have to choose joy & laughter in the midst of stress to live with a grateful heart and get through today.

So I just keep focusing on my breath. Drinking water. Staying kind to myself as I would a friend. I welcome the feelings of uneasiness that come with change, knowing it will all be okay. I take the strength I cultivate from CycleBar and I put it in practice in my life outside the studio. I will do the best I can today, knowing it is enough. 

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