I’m a big fan of reflecting when it comes to the changing of seasons in our lives. As I embark on a new journey next week, I’ve spent some time thinking about all that teaching at CycleBar Germantown has taught me these past few months.

I’ve learned how to cue and coach and motivate. I’ve stepped into my own confidence again, authentically being myself. I’ve learned how crucial it is to say hi to new people and care for them, even if you just met them that day. And as I’ve considered all this, I realized that much of our cuing translates outside the walls of the studio.

The other morning, I encouraged my class, as well as myself, to take what we do in the studio and use it to fuel us the rest of the day. I wanted us all to take the strength, power, and drive we cultivated in those 45 minutes out into the other 1,395 minutes of our day (and yes, I googled “how many minutes in a day” to get that number accurate.)

So, it got me thinking, how does our time at CycleBar translate into the rest of our lives? What has my time teaching (thus far) taught me about how I can be consistent in the ways I live on and off the bike? Well, there are three instructions we give throughout our ride that I believe translate into the bigger picture of life.

1. Turn it up

In life, things can get pretty heavy sometimes. We face stress, anxiety, anger, loss, and all the other crap that gets in the way of our joy. Suffering is real and unavoidable, resulting in heavy days, weeks, and months sometimes. When we turn it up in class, we make the resistance under our feet heavier. This makes us have to dig deep to get through every single pedal stroke, just how it can take everything we have within us to get through every day in a heavy season.

These heaviest moments of class are also the slowest, where we all sync up as one, moving from side to side together. This teaches me that even in our heaviest days, we are not alone. Someone, somewhere, probably closer than we think, is moving through something heavy, too. They, too, are digging deep, just to make it through. Relief is coming, my friend, and we are never in the heaviness alone.

2. Go faster

Life can get really crazy busy sometimes, moving way faster than we’d like it to. We might find ourselves running a million miles a minute, or, more specifically, 130 rpms a minute, as life does not slow down. In these seasons, sometimes we just need to close our eyes, tuck our chins, and run. Other times, we might need to roll our shoulders back, sit up tall, and look straight ahead at what we are running through.

What CycleBar has taught me about the fast pace of life is that eventually, it WILL slow down. And if you find that your busy season isn’t slowing down, or you aren’t able to feel like you’re in control of the speed with which you are running at, then you have the power to slow it down yourself. Yes, there are times when the fast speed is out of our control, but we can always find ways to slow down our pace.

3. Find the beat

Throughout all of class, we ride to the beat of the music. When in doubt, just find the beat, even if it means adjusting your resistance or taking a seat. There is no shame in what you have to adjust in order to get back to the rhythm of the music.

In life, we also need to return to the beat. We need to establish and discover the rhythms in our lives that keep us grounded and give us strength. We need to know what or who helps us regain stability after a fast or heavy season. And when in doubt, when we don’t know what to do, we just return to those steady rhythms of our lives – our breath, our routines, our purpose, our people – to help guide us day by day.

My time teaching at CycleBar Germantown has taught me so much, but most importantly, it’s taught me that what we create together in that studio does not stop there. It goes beyond the bike and into the rest of our lives if we let it. It’s shown me the importance of community, especially it the heavy seasons. It’s taught me the importance of consistency and showing up even when we don’t feel like it. CycleBar has helped me believe in the best version of myself and work my hardest every day to be that woman.

Thank you, CycleBar Germantown, for all the lessons you’ve taught me.


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