Today was my second day of Divinity School Orientation, and we ended with a labyrinth walking meditation / prayer.

So many thoughts struck me as I was walking this path, but the words that just kept coming back to me were TRUST.

Along the winding path of life, the spiritual journey I’ve embarked on thus far, through all the twists and turns and ways it has taken me, how have I chosen to trust God? He’s never left me. She’s always been by my side. My Creator created my path, He knows my coming and going. My Protector has guided me exactly to where I am supposed to be, even if I wasn’t sure of it. Even in my doubt, my Assurance is strong.

As I journeyed this labyrinth I was hit with my pursuit of rest along this path. Recently, I’ve felt her beckoning me to rest and and relinquish control. How has the warm blanket of grace wrapped me in her arms recently? When I let go and trust God with it all, I find the rest I seek.

So as I begin yet another journey through graduate school, one that will have many twists, turns, bumps, and other people along the way, I trust the One who holds it all together. I trust the Sovereign Peace-Giver to give me what I need. And I relinquish control of outcome in exchange for freedom.

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