Recently I read Let Your Life Speak  by Parker Palmer for a class in grad school. In one chapter in particular, he talks about vocation and how we find it. Well, frankly that’s what the whole book is about and it’s a short read that I highly recommend.

Anyway, essentially he shares that vocation is not something we search after, but rather a gift we receive that is inherent inside each of us from the time we are born. We find our vocation by living into our authentic selves and honoring the gifts we all bring, rather than simply obliging with what society or others tell us we “ought” to do.

Our deepest calling is to grow into our own authentic selfhood, whether or not it conforms to some image of who we ought to be. ~pg 16, Let Your Life Speak

Vocation isn’t a destination we get to when we find the right job or the right paycheck, but rather a discovery of your true self. Through self-care and reflection, we can all dig down and find out what those gifts are that we all possess and how we can best live in alignment with them.

I shared this with my CycleBar class this morning and I’m sharing it with whoever is reading this now. We have to live in a way that honors our authentic selves if we wish to find fulfillment in this life. When we live in accordance with our gifts and our truth, we can transform our communities and our cultures.

So, yes, this is really cheesy, but I feel I should end with this: Be yourself, everyone else is taken. My hope is that in whatever you find yourself in this week, that you would live in such a way that honors your authentic self and allows you to share the gifts you bring to this world.

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