Last week, an incredible friend I’ve made through CycleBar gave me a tank top that said Don’t Give Up, Clip Inand I could not imagine better words to end the year on.

This friend shared with me that in the midst of a season of life that was particularly heavy and dark for her, one of her friends brought her to CycleBar and it saved her life. As she was trudging through this hard season, coming to class once a week gave her the encouragement and strength she needed to not only get through her difficult season, but come out stronger than she was before.


Look y’all, I’m just here to reiterate what she said in that REAL CHANGE happens in that room. Change that goes beyond 45 minutes of a spin class and moves you and helps you overcome difficult seasons of your life. Change that helps you believe in yourself again when you feel overwhelmed by your situation or circumstances. Change that reminds you of your inner worth. Change that reminds you to never settle because you’re best is enough and should be celebrated as such. Change that empowers you to help others in return. Change that will shake up this world for the better because it helps you be the best YOU you can be.

And it’s simple when you think about it, right? Because all it takes is showing up. When you want to give up, show up instead. When your negative self-talk is raging in your head, just show up in expectation that change will come. When your body might feel weak, just show up and surprise yourself. When you’ve had the shittiest day ever and just want to give up, choose to show up instead and flip the script. All you gotta do is clip in and the change will come.

Showing up is easier said than done, I know, but let me just tell you about this family we have though. My gosh Winston-Salem, we have something so special. This community shows up for one another, not just in that studio, but outside of it, as well. We support each other in ANYTHING we are doing. When we show up for class, we are present and open-minded to the possibilities. We take time to get to know one another. We check in on each other. We hold each other accountable from a place of love. I mean this community has meant the world to me and we are just getting started.

So fam, here’s my call to action: when you want to give up, when things seem like they won’t get any better or you’ve hit your plateau…choose to show up. Mind, body, and soul, choose to show up. You never know the magic that could be waiting for you within those 45 minutes.

My oh my how grateful I am for this truly life-changing community.

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