Ok, so the hype for 2020 has begun and there has been one thing on my mind. As someone who is a deep reflector, I tend to overanalyze and reflect myself into a deep pit of despair where my conclusion at the start of a new year is to make massive changes to my life or else I’m doomed. Well, two things normally take place as a result of this – I don’t maintain those goals anywhere into February and I just feel bad about myself for “failing” at all the changes I expected of myself.

So I don’t want the title of this post to freak anyone out to think – OMG you think we should all just stay the same and not strive toward positive growth?! Wrong. If you know anything about me it’s that I am a huge believer in the potential of change in ourselves and therefore, in the world around us.

I entitled this blog New Year, Same You because I think too many of us, myself included, take the new year and goal-setting as permission to rip ourselves to shreds and be overly critical of the person we currently are. And that, my friends, is NOT the way we want to start a fresh year.

I do believe in the power of change and goal-setting and do not think we should just stay the same year to year. But at the same time, it’s not like some magical potion was mixed in your champagne on New Years Eve and you woke up on January 1 a completely different person already. You’re the same and that’s good. There is so much to be grateful for in who you are RIGHT NOW.

What are you grateful for about yourself in this very moment? Before any monumental or minute change occurs, what are you already proud of?

You are already enough. You are already beautiful. And everything you need to achieve your goals in 2020 lies in you already. And because of that, you are worth the work.

You are worth every minute you will spend working toward those goals. You are worth every effort, even when you fall short. You are worth the same kindness and compassion you would show a friend. Because you are beautifully and perfectly made by the Creator of Life, you have inherent value and YOU are worth it.

We don’t always have to change who we are to achieve our goals or be the best version of ourselves, all we have to do is change our mindset.

So as we head into this year, I encourage you to not doubt yourself. You already have everything within you to accomplish whatever it is you dream of in 2020.

Don’t doubt what God can do this year.

Don’t doubt how God can use your gifts.

Don’t doubt the significance of your purpose.

Don’t doubt your impact on others.

But, when you do, which we all will do, just gently push back on those lies with self-acceptance. Beautiful self-acceptance of you, exactly where you’re at.

So it may be a new year, but you are the same, incredible, you who has everything they need to achieve the change they dream of. When you lose sight of that, don’t rush to critique, but instead rush to gratitude and self-acceptance. Equip yourself with the tools you need to unlock the potential that already lies within you. I guarantee it’s there.


1 thought on “NEW YEAR, SAME YOU

  1. Carolyn Lorimer January 3, 2020 — 7:38 am

    Thank you, Meredith, for your encouragement on my spiritual journey. I can relate to all you wrote. Trying to start anew doing too much, making too many changes and beating myself up. Your reminder that each of us is a child of God is encouraging.


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