My mantra for 2020 is ELEVATE and CELEBRATE

I’ve learned very quickly throughout my short adult life so far that we cannot do this thing alone. If we want to be the best versions of ourselves and make our dreams happen, then we need the support of those around us. If I want to elevate myself and reach my max potential, then I also must be willing to support others who wish to do the same.

See the energy we give to others when we show up for them is contagious. That energy is going to spark something in you to keep working toward your goals and the best version of yourself whether you realize it or not. Who you surround yourself with matters, so choose wisely.

I believe that when we lift ourselves, we, in turn, lift others. I am a better version of myself when I surround myself with those who inspire me.

If we only see life as a competition, then we will painfully waste our time hoping that someone else’s success doesn’t rob us of our own. Don’t believe the lie that just because someone else may already be doing what you want to do doesn’t mean that you can’t do it to. Each of us has our own gifts we offer to this world, and no one else can replicate that.

On the contrary, I want to celebrate the success of others without inhibition or hesitation. I definitely don’t want to celebrate out of fear that they have taken away my shot at success. I mean…how selfish is that! We have got to replace this scarcity mindset with one of abundance.

When I am living my life in alignment with my values and purposes, knowing that each day I am giving MY best, then I can celebrate others with no insecurity that their success robs me of mine.

Your pace is your pace. Your best is your best. Your dream is your dream.

Own that. Love that. Celebrate that and then celebrate it in others. Community care is a form of self-care we all could use some more of. So this year, while we are working on ourselves, let’s make sure we don’t forget to celebrate others’ wins. Show up for your people and celebrate them big!

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