Let Go Of Control

Control is hard for me to let go of. It’s hard for me to recognize that I’m not actually in control of most things in my life. I can’t control other people. I can’t control the weather. I can’t control traffic. Lots of things, y’all, aren’t in my control.

But when I come to CycleBar I’m reminded of what I CAN control. On that bike, I’m in control of my power, my resistance, and my speed. I’m in control of my mindset – do I believe in myself? Trust myself? Trust my body? I’m in control of my perspective – is this a challenge or a gift? I’m in control of my reactions. I’m in control of my energy I give and how I choose to receive it from others. 

Whenever we come to CycleBar – morning, mid day, or evening – I believe we have this chance to let go of what we cannot control and empower ourselves with what we can. This attitude shift is everything for me. To let go of what is out of my control and feel empowered by what is. To know that this day, no matter what happens, I have choice in how I react and how I show up for myself. I have a choice to love myself today, flaws and all, and that’s something nothing beyond my control can take from me.

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