How To Prove Yourself Wrong

Today I celebrate completing a big challenge. I did something I never thought I could do, especially during this particularly challenging season of life. I have officially completed the 30 Day Healthy Living Program from Arbonne, meaning I have not consumed sugar, gluten, dairy, coffee or alcohol (among other things) for the last thirty days in pursuit of resetting my health from the inside out. Holy moly I can’t even begin to tell y’all how amazing I feel!

The program itself was amazing. I felt so supported the whole way through and have experienced positive, lasting changes such as better sleep, clearer skin, fewer cravings, and renewed energy. I would recommend it to anyone! But the ins and outs of the program itself is not what I want to reflect on today.

The real reason why I feel so amazing is because I did something I never thought I could do.

I really didn’t think I could give up sugar and wine and coffee and bread during such a difficult season of life. I knew I wanted to change some of my negative coping habits surrounding eating and drinking, but I never thought I could. It felt like I wouldn’t be able to make it through this time without the help of these things. I sincerely never thought I could do it.

But I did. And I am so damn proud of myself. And I am so surprised at my strength. And I am so happy with who I am becoming. And I am gracious to myself when I have off days, but I am working toward a goal that matters to me. And now that I have done this one hard thing, I know I can do more.

Alright dreams, let’s get busy.

I am becoming extremely passionate about coaching people through ways they can discover their truest selves. And this lesson in self-discovery was huge for me:

If you want to discover your strength, try something that tests it.

I believe it is so important we do things we “never” think we can do. Because once you do one thing you never thought you could do, then you have this renewed confidence in yourself to know you can do MORE hard things. There is a positive ripple effect of going after big, scary goals in life. Once you reach one, you’re reminded of how AMAZING you are!! You automatically believe in yourself because you have just proved yourself wrong. That confidence will continue to take you places you never thought you could go. But we will never discover it if we let our limiting beliefs have all the control.

So, practically speaking, I want to leave you with five tips for going after what I call your “never.” That thing you never thought you could do? Well, here is how you can head in that direction:

1. Have accountability

I would not have signed up for the program in the first place if it wasn’t for my friend Peterson texting me about it. I mean, when doing something you never think you’ll do, it is usually someone else who pushes you to actually do it. Knowing that I had a friend doing it with me, checking in with me, and supporting me by going through the same challenge I was, helped me stick with my goal. If no one was checking in with me, I definitely would have cheated myself from giving it my all.

2. Have a plan

The fact that there was a set plan and routine for myself to follow each day made this “never” super doable. I didn’t have to question how I was going to accomplish the goal because I had a clear plan laid out for me. For this program, someone else provided the plan, but for your “never” maybe you need to create your own. With a game plan and certain milestones you can set yourself to reach, it will be easier for you to actually make the progress you wish to see because you won’t be tied up in the details of the how.

3. Have a role model

Having someone you admire in your life as you are pursuing your “never” is incredibly motivating and inspiring. For me, one of my role models is my Arbonne consultant, Chris, who I have looked up to for years for many different reasons. Knowing that someone I admire and respect was encouraging me to achieve this goal motivated me because I want to emulate some of the qualities he has. And when you have a role model exhibiting behaviors you also wish to have, it’s not a bad idea to give those same habits or behaviors a try.

4. Envision who you want to be on the other side of hard

It was incredibly helpful for me to think of who I wanted to be on the other side of this program. I knew I had certain goals I wanted to meet, but it helped me to also consider how I wanted to feel about myself and the effort I put toward this program. I knew I wanted to feel proud that I put forth my best effort. I wanted better habits, better sleep, and renewed energy. I had this clear vision of who I wanted to be and I let that refreshed Meredith motivate me to keep going.

5. Know your why

When pursuing something you “never” thought you could do, you have to be secure and confident in why you are going after it. In my situation, I knew my why couldn’t just be because I was bored or because Peterson asked me to consider it. I had to take the time to unpack why I should or should not do the program. I took a few days to discern what this would do for me and if it was what I needed to pursue in this moment in time. Well, I took the time to determine my why and actually wrote about it here. Pursuing your “never” is going to be really freaking hard at times and will require you to overcome fear and implement some form of discipline. I can almost guarantee you will want to quit at some point, so you need a why that is going to carry you through.

My final thought is that I don’t want anyone reading this thinking that I am telling you to not care for yourself during this traumatic global pandemic. If this is not the season for you to pursue your “never,” then don’t. Listen to what your soul needs. If that is comfort, care, and not to push yourself, then honor that. But if that longing is inside you, that curiosity is within you, or that urge to change is there…then go for it! Because if you can pursue your “never” now, you will be unstoppable as we move forward.

Discover your inner strength.

Prove yourself wrong today.

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      1. You’re welcome dear🤗


  1. Well done! And thanks for the tips. I am in awe of someone who gives up coffee 👌


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